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TOFT's 3D Crochet Masterclass

Series 1 Season

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3 Episodes

1. Level 1

Show 23m Season 1

Join Kerry from TOFT as she brings you back to basics with a 3D crochet masterclass, in this episode tune it to see how to get started in crochet as she shows you all her tips and tricks.

2. Level 2

Show 8m Season 1

In this episode Kerry takes you one step further from the basics as she dives further into the world of crochet; showing you just how easy it is to make colour changes, shape, and split rounds on your own crochet projects.

3. Level 3

Show 8m Season 1

Join Kerry as she shows you just how easy crochet can be as she explores with you even more complex techniques and shows you how these can be incorporated into your own crochet projects!