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The Amazing Cadence Experience

Series 3 Seasons

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4 Episodes

1. Cadence Mirror Effects

Show 7m Season 1

Join David to learn how to use Cadence Mirror Spray with helpful hints and tips on application and surfaces.

2. Cadence Porcelain Napkin Glue

Show 11m Season 1

Learn how to use one of Cadence's hero products which is designed to be used on glassware, crockeryware and any slick surface that you want to be waterproof. It is for products that you want to be functional, for maybe around the home or even outdoors.

3. Cadence Porcelain Napkin Glue combined with Dora Metalics

Show 13m Season 1

Expand your crafting skills by combining Porcelain Napkin glue & Dora Metallics in conjunction with rice paper or napkin cut outs to take it to the next level of complexity.

4. Cadence Decoupage Plus

Show 8m Season 1

Join David to get the most out of your Cadence Decoupage Plus, formulated to be used with woodware, MDF, construction board and cardstock. Ideal to use when creating any 3D crafting project.

6 Episodes

1. Crocodile Crackle

Show 14m Season 2

David takes you through a two step crackle process which is applied to a glass dish. The effect is enhanced by a further layer of metallic paint to accentuate the patination and luxurious appearance.

1. Etching Cream

Show 13m Season 2

Join David Wait to learn everything about etching cream.

2. Crackle Glaze

Show 7m Season 2

Learn how to use Cadence Crackle Glaze which is a one step crackle process. This medium will crackle any Cadence acrylic paint and can be applied to any surface including plastic, wood, metals & glass.

2. Marbelling Lacquered Paint

Show 7m Season 2

Join David Wait to learn everything about marbelling lacquered paint.

3. Spider Crackle

Show 13m Season 2

David takes you through another two step crackle process which can be applied to a multitude of surfaces. This medium has a more transparent consistency so when used with rice paper, printed papers & photographs, the design adds to the overall effect.

3. Spray Adhesive and Embossing Powders

Show 6m Season 2

Join David Wait to learn everything about spray adhesive and embossing powders.

3 Episodes

1. Shabby Chic Effect

Show 8m Season 3

Join David as he combines multiple mediums to create different effects. This episode combines Cadence Very Vintage Chic which is a transparent wax and creates a separation layer. Cadence Vintage Legend which is a heavy textured paint as well as Cadence Porcelain Napkin Glue to give a common glass jar an authentic Shabby Chic effect.

2. Gilded Antique Effect

Show 10m Season 3

David uses Cadence Metal Leaf Mixion which is a translucent adhesive with a tacky finish. He applies Cadence Gilding Tilsen which when burnished produces a gilded effect and finally Cadence Very Vintage Chic that gives the project an authentic antique effect.

3. Decoupaging Wood

Show 13m Season 3

David takes a plain wooden object, decoupages it with rice paper using Cadence Napkin Glue and distresses it with Cadence Distress Paste to transform it into a beautiful piece of inferior design.