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A Guide to Pinflair Glues

Series 1 Season

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5 Episodes

1. Pinflair Book Binding Glue

Show 5m Season 1

Christine talks through all the benefits of one of her favourite glues, the book binding glue; a multi-purpose glue for your die-cutting, fabric flat-gluing and more!

2. Pinflair Glue Gel and Pinflair Glue-It Book Binding Glue

Show 6m Season 1

Christine demonstrates two other popular glues from Pinflair. Pinflair Glue Gel is perfect for decoupage crafting where as Glue-It is great for intricate crafting due to the small nozzle.

3. Pinflair Envelope Glue

Show 4m Season 1

Christine shows you how to create an envelope using cardstock and the special envelope glue. This glue is perfect for your homemade projects, just apply a thin layer and leave dry. When ready to use, just remoisten and stick.

4. Pinflair Stencil Glue

Show 4m Season 1

Stencil Glue is a tacky glue designed to keep stencils temporarily in place. Christine gives you all the top tips on how to apply and use this glue in various crafting projects, from wall art to papercrafting.

5. Pinflair Gloss It

Show 6m Season 1

Christine talks through the benefits of Pinflair Gloss It, which can be used to glaze your papercrafting projects, giving a lovely glossy finish.